About AHPC

We are the Allied Health Professionals Council of Mauritius. We are a regulator of allied health professionals and our job is to protect the health and wellbeing of people who use the services of the allied health professionals registered with us.

To protect the public, we set standards that allied health professionals must meet. Our standards cover allied health professionals’ education and training, behavior, professional skills and their health.

We publish a register of allied health professionals who meet our standards.

We currently regulate 18 professions:



Clinical Scientists



Medical Imaging Technologist

Medical Laboratory Technologist


Occupational Therapist

Orthopaedic Technician





Psychomotor Therapist


Speech and language Therapist/ Pathologist

Sports Therapist

How we are run?

We are governed by the Allied Health Professionals Council Act 2017. This lays out our responsibilities and it gives us our legal authority to carry out these. At present, the 18 professions that we regulate have been divided into six clusters.
The Council consists of:
  • One allied health professional from each cluster
  • A representative of the Ministry of Health
  • A representative of the Prime Minister’s office
  • A representative of the Attorney- General’s office
  • A representative of the Ministry responsible for the subject of education
  • Two persons who are not allied health professionals

This Council sets our strategy and policy and makes sure we are fulfilling our duties under the Allied Health Professionals council Act 2017.