Guidance notes for applicants

These guidance notes are intended to help you complete the application form.  They will also help you to understand the application process. 



Please read our short presentation


  • About registration

Health professionals must register with the council in order to use the protected title for their profession.  This means that even if you have completed a course, for example, physiotherapy, you are still not able to call yourself a physiotherapist unless you are registered with us.

Registration shows you meet our standards for your profession.  Registration shows the public that health professionals are fit to practice and they are entitled to use the protected title(s) for their profession.  It shows the people on our register are part of a profession with nationally recognized standards set by law.  Someone is fit to practice when he/she has the skills, knowledge, character and health to practice their profession safely and effectively.

  • Applying for registration

Completing an approved course does not guarantee someone will become registered.  It simply shows us the applicant meets our professional standards and is eligible to apply for registration.  We need additional information from them.  The information provided by applicant helps us to know:

  • They are who they say they are
  • They meet our standards and
  • We can contact them if we need to
  • Meeting our standards

Everyone on our Register must meet the standards of proficiency we have set.  The standards of proficiency are the professional standards which health professionals must meet in order to be registered.  Please go to our website to consult the standards of proficiency for your profession.

  • Protected titles

Each of the professions we regulate has at least one protected title.  Anyone who uses one of those titles must be on our Register.  Anyone who uses a protected title who is not registered with us is breaking the law and could be prosecuted.


The purpose of the ONLINE Pre Registration is to facilitate the official registration process of all allied Health Professionals as at 2019.

    • You must answer all the questions on the application form as fully as possible.
    • Please  fill your application form when you are ready to start practicing your profession and/or using the protected title(s). Your application will be sent electronically to the registrar of the AHPC.


After submitting the duly filled in form, you will be invited to attend the Registrar’s office for the registration formalities. The representative of your profession on the Council will also be present on that day.


Please click here to pre-register online.


Kindly refer to the guidance notes which are intended to help you complete the application form